BombSweeper is a free game for your mobile phone,blackberry,palm (j2me/midp1.0) and is a clone of the classic Mine Sweeper game.

Use GameA key to switch mode between clear and tag. On touchscreen devices you can also click at the bottom black border. A text at the bottom right says "Tagging" or "Clearing".

Use Fire button (usually the action button in the middle of the four-way arrow-like buttons) to execute the mode (clear or tag). Or, on touchscreen devices you can just point on the brick to clear/tag.

Use GameB button to tag. Might be useful if you want clear on Fire and tag on another button (ie GameB).



BombSweeper v1.5 ChangeLog (For download to PC: BombSweeper.jad BombSweeper.jar)
To install on your device, surf to this page and click the jad file (or download jad+jar to computer and transfer to device if you have that option and prefer that)


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