Apr 14

Playable Web version

  • Changed usage of UsableObjects to always have trigger area the player must stand in, and then player must look at the object to use it. Look to use is done with a Raycast on Usable layer.
  • Added a Pickable layer for picking up objects. This raycast is done every frame. If it is too expensive, I’ll set the raycast at 5fps.
  • New key for using objects and picking up/dropping objects: E
  • Added a shadow on the player using a Projector in orthographic mode. Or should the shadow get larger when jumping (perspective mode)? Also added fake projector shadows on platforms.
  • Sound played when picking up key and opening door.

The carrying of objects is not the best at the moment. Just lift up the object in the air and parent it to the player with physics off. This has some unwanted (?) sideeffects of moving that object through the wall. Also it will get stuck on the movable platform. Also… it is visually in the way. Perhaps it could be semi-transparent.

The raycast is casting its ray from the head diagonally down. This might miss small objects, so not sure if I should cast it from the head and 1m out to straight down to the ground instead. I think it might work better. The raycast for picking objects has same problem, casting it from the feet and straight out 1m. Will miss stuff that is not on the ground. Will experiment with this next week.


This is the TODO list:

  1. Carry objects: Carry the object above the head? Carry it straight out like now, but with physics so it blocks (harder to fix?).
  2. Raycast: Shoot it straight down from head and 1m out.
  3. Raycast: When in FPS mode, it should shoot from camera/head and in the looking direction. Cross in the middle?
  4. Level clear: When reaching the goal, show some congratulations and move on to next level.
  5. Skyboxes: I want different skyboxes for different worlds to set the mood.
  6. Third person camera: Needs to handle objects in the way in between player and camera. Either move camera closer to player or make objects in between transparent.
  7. Mecanim: The Mecanim system will be used for animating instead, as it is much more versatile. One mecanim animation should be usable on all models. Speed should match player speed, so it won’t look like the player is floating.
  8. Virtual Joystick: For touch devices, a virtual joystick should be used in fps mode.
  9. Splitscreen touch device: 2-player split screen should have a 180 degrees rotation for second player for ultimate play on touch pad.

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