Apr 21

Web playable version

I’m still doing basic stuff such as player control and camera control. I hope I can start going forward with the game logic next week and add another level. I’m rearranging internal scripts atm, so FPS mode is not working in this version.

  • Fixed a bug with player graphics direction when switching between different modes.
  • Mecanim: Followed the tutorial at http://video.unity3d.com/video/7362044/unity-40-mecanim-animation-tutorial. It’s quite nice, the way you can blend animations. Notice how if you wave and run (shift) or run+jump simultaneously it will still wave.
  • Added a little animation when picking up objects. Can’t seem to get the arms animation to stop though. Could be a pro feature.
  • Wave on key R.
  • Lerping the camera zoom in third person mode, to have a smoother movement.


So my TODO list is currently looking like this, but the bottom one will have a low priority and probably some new higher ones will be added next week.

  1. Raycast: Shoot it straight down from head and 1m out.
  2. Raycast: When in FPS mode, it should shoot from camera/head and in the looking direction. Cross in the middle?
  3. Show Inventory.
  4. Level clear: When reaching the goal, show some congratulations and move on to next level.
  5. Carry objects: Carry the object above the head? Carry it straight out like now, but with physics so it blocks (harder to fix).
  6. Skyboxes: Different skyboxes for different worlds to set the mood.
  7. Third person camera: Needs to handle objects in the way in between player and camera. Either move camera closer to player or make objects in between transparent.
  8. Virtual Joystick: For touch devices, a virtual joystick should be used in fps mode.
  9. Splitscreen touch device: 2-player split screen should have a 180 degrees rotation for second player for ultimate play on touch pad.


one comment so far...

  • M Said on April 22nd, 2013 at 15:50:

    Nice! Keep progressing! 🙂 The sound surprised me a little, hehe.

    Some kind of reset would be nice to have, say for example if I drop the box over the edge of the worlds – then I need to reset since I can’t press the ground button.