Apr 28

Web playable version.

Not much progress has been made this week. Too much time has been spent on other stuff. I at least got some minor stuff done.

  • The mode problem fixed, so you can now switch between FPS mode and third person mode (1,2,3,4).
  • Raycast in FPS-mode, shoots in looking direction (when searching for usables and pickables)
  • Show Inventory started, but got some unexpected problems with the GUI. The bag moves when rotating…

Apr 8

I’ve implemented a RayCast:ing version of finding out if a UsableObject is in front of the player. This is done by casting a ray from the players position 1 meter forward. If it hits anything on the layer Usable, it knows an object is on front.

The old version was by having a trigger collider that sensed if the player entered its area.

Differences positive or negative?
RayCast: When turning around the door will not be sensed, because the player won’t “see” it.
Old: Opposite. While the player is in the trigger area it will be sensed.

The Raycast method does seem a bit more natural, but it also involved casting a ray every frame. Not sure if that is cpu intensive since I do not have a profiler (no pro version).

Try out the difference here. The left door is the new one. Raycast version

PS I just noticed something seems weird with this web version. Can’t change any settings or look up with the mouse. Will investigate later.

Mar 27

I’ve been swamped with work, but managed to put a few hours into this.
Been checking out Locomotion. Looks awesome, but might be overkill on phones. But I’m thinking of supporting both systems, Locomotion, and an easier standard CharacterMotor implementation.

I’ve mostly spent some time on my fourth controller type, Point/Click to move the player. I have a simple system up and running. After I’ve polished it, I will post the code. So now I have three camera modes and four controller modes. Not yet sure if I will allow the user to choose between them all, but probably.

It is soon time to see what limitations the phone versions have too, so I don’t spend too much time on a system that just won’t work.

PS. Hoping to get my OUYA soon, so I can test my project on my 3DTV.