Mar 31

* Got the jump animation to work for default character. But I switched model just for fun. I could not use old animations on new model, so I’ll have to check out the mecanim system some more.
* Point/Click control mode now works.
* Updated the WaypointsMover. Now can pause at each waypoint.
* Added a UsableObject class, which I use on the door. Go near the door and items missing to use the door will show at the top. Will you be able to open the door? 🙂

u,i,o,p: Changes camera mode.
j,k,l: Changed control mode.
1,2,3: A mix of control+camera mode, like it will be in the final game.

Next weeks focus will be on adding a gui with ngui. Also I will probably not use a terrain, but simpler objects and perhaps use a toon shader.

Web version of the project. (Requires Unity3D Web Player)

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  • Lotec Developer Blog - Week 3 Said on April 6th, 2013 at 15:46:

    […] are still the same as in week 2, but also the 4 key will do topdown camera mode and free control […]